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Front springs pair Suzuki Jimny

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Kit consisting of a pair of front springs for Suzuki Jimny built entirely in Italy with high quality steel, raised 5cm above the original trim.

For all types of springs there is the version for winch and the distinction for vehicles with diesel or petrol engines, so that the structure accurately reflects the needs of use.

The progressive springs, unlike the traditional ones, have a variable pitch, that is the distance between the turns is not constant but varies along its length, the stiffness of a spring with the same material and wire diameter is given by the number of turns and by the their pace.

A progressive spring allows you to insert more turns than a traditional spring resulting much softer, the variable pitch coils during compression harden the spring progressively, thus obtaining an extremely soft, comfortable and able to copy the ground but very stable on the road.
The main advantages of a progressive spring off-road:
  • greater ability to copy the land;
  • greater excursion with the same length compared to a traditional spring;
  • very stable in the side passages as it crushes and stiffens;
  • greater absorption of sudden obstacles, as it gradually stiffens to block any obstacle (boulders, roots, etc.) without reaching a buffer.

The main advantages on the road of a progressive spring:
  • very stable on fast stretches;
  • much more comfortable than a traditional spring thanks to the high number of turns;
  • reduces body roll to a minimum as it crushes and stiffens progressively.
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