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Suzuki Jimny from 2018 rocker panel

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Rocker panel for Suzuki Jimny from 2018

This pair of rocker panel for Suzuki Jimny from 2018 is built in Italy in C45 steel, the guards are galvanized and powder coated in embossed matt black to have a finish very similar to the plastic of the original fenders.

They protect and reinforce the sills which are notoriously very exposed to shocks, they are built with 3mm thick steel, the use of 3mm steel makes them resistant to shocks, the folds help to stiffen the structure and the galvanizing protects them from rust, the powder coating embossed matt black epoxy coating makes them aesthetically pleasing even on original cars.

The fixing structure and all the necessary bolts are included, they are installed without making any additional holes, all the bolts are hidden so as not to become an obstacle in case of friction with rocks, earth or other obstacles.

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