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Pair of front radius arms Suzuki Jimny caster +5° with jonny joint

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These reinforced radius arms, recommended for raised frames from 7cm to 10cm are replaced without any modification to the original Suzuki Jimny struts, they are built in C45, they are the only ones to be galvanized and painted with epoxy powders, the connections correspond perfectly to the original attachments.

The bushing on the frame has been replaced by a completely revisable jonny joint spherical joint, made internally by HM4X4 and designed specifically for the Jimny suspension.

The Jonny Joint is free to rotate along its axis allowing the maximum excursion of the strut but it is limited in the lateral rotation in order not to compromise the stability on the road. 

For all Jimny.

For the construction of the Jonny Joint C45 steel is used and sliding is guaranteed by two unprinted shells made from solid with a high quality semi-crystalline polymer, with high mechanical strength and very low friction coefficient, the use of these materials makes it practically free of wear even with extreme uses and allows precise movements and excellent absorption of vibrations.

The installation of these struts involves the advancement of the front axle of 20mm with consequent improvement of stability thanks to the extended wheelbase and an obvious improvement of the angle of exit, 20mm is the maximum possible advancement on the jimny, a greater advance involves changes irreversible on the bridge or the installation of very thick limit stop pads that unnecessarily reduce the compression of the trim as the bridge would collide with the panhard bar support.

The caster angle has been corrected by 5 ° to compensate for the rear deck rotation caused by the raising kits, the caster correction allows the transmission shaft and especially the steering linkage to work with the correct angles. For all Jimny 

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