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Polyurethane caster kit Suzuki jimny

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Kit consists of the nº8 polyurethane bushings top quality with honeycomb structure and nº4 eccentric bushing galvanized steel C45. 

The kit replaces all the bushes of the front control arm and the deck side and 'installed either with original struts with struts on all aftermarket Suzuki Jimny of any year and engine. 

They are recommended for structures from +5cm to +8cm as the central eccentric bushings correct the caster anglevaried response to higher and bring him back to the standard value by improving driveability on road or off-road. 

This innovative type of highly resilient silent-blocks with a honeycomb structure gives it a high capacity 'deformation maintaining an unchanged structure of the bush, the air pockets trapped inside the same bushing help isolate strut from the frame giving a comfort that no another type of bushes can 'give doing at the same time increase mobility of any type of structure. 

The honeycomb structure was obtained by removing the material in some areas in which the bushing is not stressed creating small arches that support the double wall of each bushing, this It has permission to use the most valuable material while maintaining the low price. 

The kit is made in Italy with polyurethane produced by the renowned company API, the original rubber bushings or the classic polyurethane, multi-skin are more resistant and help to increase the softness and buoyancy stability of the vehicle, either with the original set-up that raised! 

This will decrease bushing kit drastically vibration on the steering that plagues all jimny suzuki whilst not restricting mobility of the suspension as is the case with most common polyurethane kit, the high quality of the material used and designed specifically for this use makes these bushings very long-lived in the time even with heavy use of the medium and high performing assets. 

Being composed of three separate pieces fitting and easier than the bushings constructed in one piece as original, in support detailed assembly instructions.
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