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Brake lines for conversion disc brakes Suzuki Jimmy

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The kit includes 3 aeronautical braided brake hoses made in Italy, complete with nuts and bolts and copper washers with the correct fittings to connect the Suzuki/Fiat/Lancia brake calipers to the original copper brake pipes of the Suzuki Jimny without making no change.

The tubes are entirely Made in Italy, made of aerospace braided PTFE tube covered in stainless steel braid with specific anti-abrasion polyurethane protection for off-road and not in PVC as on car braided hoses.

The fittings are made of steel and not AVP, as for economic items, assembly takes place in accordance with the  standard SAE J 1401.
Are suitable for use with DOT3 and DOT4 liquids with temperatures from -60° C to +130° C
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