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Steering shock Nissan Patrol Y61 3.0CC

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steering damper nissan patrol gr y61

Steering damper with specific head attachment for Nissan Patrol Y61 3.0CC, suitable both for use in demanding competitions and for road use as it does not harden the steering. The shock absorber has a 50 mm body and 16 mm oversized stem.

This Patrol GR steering damper is a solution to the annoying vibrations arising from the steering linkage.

The HM4X4 off road shock absorbers can be re-calibrated and revised in all their parts, in the first year after purchase the re-calibration, on request, is carried out free of charge in order to adapt the third-party shock absorber to the use you make of the vehicle.

All Patrol HM4X4 steering dampers have the following features:
  • Air Dryed pressurization to improve calibration constancy even in extreme conditions.
  • T.I.G. for maximum resistance and a refined aesthetic;
  • double tube in mechanical steel lapped internally, entirely galvanized with electrolytic galvanization with Iridescent White finish and subsequent passivation based on trivalent chromium with surface hardness 80 HV, the external tube has a diameter of 50mm and a thickness of 2mm to withstand impacts, in the case should the body become dented, the shock absorber will continue to function normally;
  • steel rod Ø16 mm coated in hard chrome CrVI free with tolerance according to EN ISO 286-2
  • sintered internal components for maximum wear-free calibration control;
  • graphite Teflon sealing band to improve steering smoothness;
  • ROTHEN shock absorber oil designed specifically for off-road use with a high viscosity index that guarantees regular calibration up to 200 °C, essential for intense use such as races or raids in the desert;
  • double adjustment of rebound and compression settings, both at high and low speeds with preloaded travel reed valves with star springs in compression and helical spring in rebound;
  • double seal with o-ring and oil seal with metal base, the high quality of the closure allows not to use the fork protectors that in the long run create accumulation of dirt and damage the shock absorber, any debris that settles on the stem is cleaned by the double lip of the metal oil seal.

The overhaul of the HM4X4 shock absorbers is guaranteed at a cost of 40 euros each for the entire life of the shock absorber.

AIR DRYED pressurization is an innovative two-stage pressurization technique. It allows to pressurize the shock absorber with inert gas, after having created a high vacuum, completely extracting air and humidity from its interior. This allows to minimize the phenomena of oil emulsion and the creation of rust that humidity inevitably creates inside a non-pressurized shock absorber. In addition to making the shock absorber more performing, the Air Dryed pressurization considerably extends the duration of the shock absorber over time and guarantees constant calibration even after years of use.

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