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Spring for coilover 350 mm

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High quality Coilover spring, made in Italy from 52SiCrNi5 steel according to EN 10089 1.7117.

The internal diameter is 64mm and is the size usually used for shock absorbers with 2" (50mm) body, the first and last coils are milled to match perfectly with the coilover rings.

The height of the unloaded spring is 350mm, the load can be chosen via the drop-down menu; you can choose the load from 100Lb/inch to 300Lb/inch.

To make the choice consider that the 100lb/inch load corresponds to about 1.8 kg/mm i.e., the spring lowers one mm for every 1.8kg of applied load, so schematically:

  • the spring with 100LB load sags 1mm for every 1.8kg;
  • the spring with 150LB load lowers 1mm for every 2.7kg;
  • the spring with 200LB load lowers 1mm every 3.6kg;
  • the spring with 250LB load lowers 1mm every 4.5kg;
  • the spring with 300LB load lowers 1mm every 5.4kg.

Normally springs are in stock but considering the very wide range if you want to be sure of actual availability or for advice on load selection please contact us.

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