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Rugged Ridge snorkel system Jeep Wrangler JK

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Rugged Ridge snorkel system for Jeep Wrangler JK.

About this item:

  • the XHD Snorkel for JK Wranglers relocates the venerable stock air intake location to help reduce dust clogged filters and the risk of hydro-locking your engine
  • installs with only minor modification to a non-visible portion of the fender as opposed to the competition which requires major cutting to exterior body panels or hood

This XHD low/high mount snorkel system was designed for use with 2.8l Diesel engines. The XHD modular snorkel is the first snorkel engineered with the versatility of interchangeable intake heights. By relocating the vulnerable stock air intake through an internal duct system just below the windshield, the XHD modular snorkel helps to eliminate dust-clogged air filters and the risk of hydro-locking your engine.

Jeep owners can easily swap the standard low-mount intake for a 21-inch, high-mount 'ram' intake on the rugged ridge XHD snorkel system for whatever off-road conditions they may face, including tackling harsh dusty trails or deep water crossings.

Installation requires only minor modifications to the internal fender flange and avoids any cutting or drilling to the jeep's exterior that other snorkel kits may require.

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