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Rear ring and pinion Suzuki Jimny from 2018 4.56 10 bolts

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Rear ring and pinion Suzuki Jimny from 2018, 4.56, 10 bolts, made in Italy.

Product features:

  • Superclean Steel UNI-7846 steel
  • Gleason cut
  • HRC 59-62 heat treatment
  • CNC lapping
  • manganese phosphating

Lapping in the jargon is break-in and means that each crown is run in together with its pinion for a few minutes; and phosphating is the final treatment that turns black pieces into pieces and protects them from oxidation as well as making them visually more beautiful.

The high construction precision makes the adjustment particularly simple, it is however recommended to have the installation carried out by a specialized workshop.


4.56 rear
ratio 4.56 - Teeth: 41/9 - 27 spline.

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