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Engine oil Rothen Multistandard special 10w40

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Rothen Multistandard special oil 10w40 is a high performance synthetic oil engine oil, formulated to meet the highest demands of petrol and diesel engines, both aspirated and turbocharged.

The very wide viscosity range ensures excellent lubrication at start up but also excellent protection even when the engine is under stress and close to 100° C, a very frequent off-road condition.

The special addition with ROTHEN EXTRA, thanks to the LCC (Load Carrying Capacity) system that enhances its anti-wear and anti-friction properties, reduces engine noise and improves the "fuel economy" with a 2-3% reduction in fuel consumption about.

It is the ideal choice for Suzuki engines!

For a correct choice, check the specifications requested by the manufacturer of your vehicle with the oil specifications found in the technical info section.

ROTHEN MULTISTANDARD SPECIAL OIL 10W40 meets the following specifications:

  • ACEAA3/B4-04
  • MB 229.1
  • VW 501.01/505.00

Available in 1L bottles to avoid waste.

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