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Alu-Cab LT-50 Lightweight Rooftop Tent

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Off-road roof tents


Introducing the LT-50 lightweight tent: the best ultralight rooftop tent on the market with the same build quality as all other products. You don't need to be an overlander to live your life to the fullest, the LT-50 opens up new possibilities for vehicle applications. It can be opened in seconds, bedding can be kept inside, and a 30 kg load can be carried on top. One of the main features of the Alu-Cab rooftop tent is its lightweight construction, featuring a lid and base frame with grooves for easy mounting of accessories such as awnings, shower stalls, ladder brackets, spades, etc. The tent is made of lightweight, high-strength aluminum, making it easy to set up and transport. The tent also features a compact and streamlined design that minimizes wind resistance while driving.

Overall, the Alu-Cab lightweight rooftop tent is an excellent choice for adventurers who value durability, practicality and comfort.


  • tent weight [excluding mattress, excluding scale] - 46KGS | 101 LBS
  • mattress weight - 4.55 kg | 10 lbs.
  • 60 mm high-density foam mattress with zippered cover
  • double-layer 280 gsm UV-resistant rip stop canvas
  • the tent is made with a lightweight aluminum frame
  • wind-resistant design due to single-sided opening
  • stainless steel eyelets for spring poles
  • streamlined, aerodynamic profile
  • 3-point access with a door/window on each side
  • marine-grade 316 stainless steel gas props
  • hard-shell structure that can carry additional equipment [up to 30 kg].
  • opens and closes in seconds
  • top and bottom foam insulation
The load capacity of the load rails on the roof of the tent is 30 kg. It is important to note that the position of the load on the roof will determine how easy or difficult it will be to open the tent. We always recommend moving heavier loads to the front of the tent and much lighter loads, such as a solar panel, to the back. Be sure to check your vehicle's dynamic load rating before adding additional weight to the LT-50.

Alu-Cab recommends not exceeding the 120 km/h speed limit.

  • tent weight 46Kg/101lbs
  • mattress weight 4.55Kg/10lb
  • mattress thickness 60mm/2.3"
  • mattress size 1085x2070mm
  • tent size 1261x2258x172mm/49.6x88.89x6.77

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