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HD rear propeller shaft 1 double joint for Nissan Patrol GR Y60

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Rear propeller shaft heavy duty for Nissan Patrol GR Y60 with 1 double joint, MADE IN ITALY by a specialized company. 

This particular tree has a closed length identical to the original trees but has the possibility to stretch up to 7cm in more original , is therefore ideal of assets by + 5cm of + 10cm.

This particular shaft, designed to eliminate any vibration and any danger of breaking, is constructed by making the following improvements to the serial trees.

These shafts are balanced at 2800 rpm and are built using high quality joints and cruises and not agricultural components as most of the products in circulation.

- joint slide with grease, the magiorato diameter than the original; 

- flanges capacity stretch up to 12cm; 

- increased Joint DANA SPICER of standardized dimensions, and can be purchased from any spare parts dealer, equipped with grease nipple, with a working angle of 10 ° greater than all ´ Original; 

- flanges Forged high quality which allow an inclination of cruises up to 35 ° enable the use with raised structures; 

- pipe Increased diameter, 60mm against 50mm of original, carefully balanced to avoid any form of vibration; 

- joint up to 12cm with shrinking metal protection treaty with Rilsan with o-ring protection, allows a protective slide from damage caused by stones, sand and the like and protects the slide from dirt. 
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