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Mitsubishi L200 30mm wheel spacers

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Kit consisting of 4 32 mm spacers for Mitsubishi L200 after 2006, in aluminum obtained by forging and subjected to all the necessary processes to obtain a product with centering tolerances, millesimal parallelism and finishes between 1 and 3 Micron.

Being obtained by forging using high purity aluminum alloy, now common in the competitive and aerospace field, with strong resistance to thermal and mechanical stress they are extremely light, weighing only 430g against the approximately 1500g of common spacers, by mounting these spacers you have the same advantage that alloy rims give instead of iron rims.

The kit includes a complete set of elongated studs to be screwed to the original studs, the spacer will simply be inserted between wheel and hub and in this way the wheel will remain anchored to the original studs, the system is extensively tested and is normally used even on very heavy vehicles .

These spacers can be installed on all vehicles with PCD 139.7 6 HOLES.

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