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+4 cm Suspension lift kit Mitsubishi L200 from 2006

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Lift kit for Mitsubishi L200 from 2006 +4 cm.

The kit includes all the accessories useful for the optimal functioning of the suspensions even in heavy use.

We at HM4X4 have chosen to provide in this lift kit all the accessories needed to lift the vehicle up to 40mm and to improve the off-road mobility without affecting road features.

The shock absorbers are built with steel tubes for mechanical use internally lapped, are phosphated to prevent corrosion and painted with epoxy powders, therefore it is not affected by atmospheric agents and does not paint. The bushings are in polyurethane, very resistant to deformation and wear, and the seals are in graphite Teflon to improve smoothness and silence. They can be recalibrated and revised.

The shackles are made of 8mm thick C45 steel with 65mm anticorodal reinforcement bushing, with "DIAMOND" finish and equipped with all stainless steel nuts and bolts. The finish we call "DIAMOND" is used to protect the surface of the product from rust and from any external agent (mud, snow, salt, etc.), to the point of guaranteeing the products for 10 years against corrosion, since, even if the paint layer were to jump (it happens in off road), the surface of the galvanized metal resistant to corrosion would remain visible.

The shock absorber thicknesses are made of anticorodal and are complete with stainless steel bolts.

The aeronautical braided brake hose has a TEFLON core, with braiding and stainless steel fittings machined from solid and transparent protection sheath. The use of stainless steel both in the manufacture of the internal metal braid and of the fittings guarantees an incomparable resistance to both corrosion and abrasion. Assembly takes place in accordance with SAE J 1401.

The kit consists of:

  • 2 rear shock absorbers +5 cm reinforced
  • 2 rear laser cut steel boomerang shackles +4 cm
  • 2 front shock absorber thicknesses +4 cm
  • 1 rear aeronautical brake hose.
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