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Alloy wheel Evocorse DakarZero Mitsubishi

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Alloy wheel for Mitsubishi:

  • L200 60T up to 2004
  • L200 KAOT from 2006
  • PAJERO IV V80 from 2007
  • PAJERO IV V90 from 2007
  • PAJERO V60 from 2000 to November 2006
  • PAJERO PININ H 60W from 1999 to 2004
  • PAJERO SPORT V20/K90 up to 2001
  • PAJERO V6 L 040 up to 2000
In line with our commercial policy we have chosen the best rim on the market, specially designed for off-road, the most used in the DAKAR 2018 and above all Made in Italy.

All HM4X4 vehicles are equipped with EvoCorse DAKARZERO rims.

They are normally kept ready for delivery in matt white and black but are available in a wide range of colors, including customized ones.

Through the drop-down menus it is possible to order the Mitsubishi rims in the different models, with the features you need and/or prefer.

HM4X4 is an official dealer, so you can ask us for a quote for all the wheels in the EvoCorse catalog.

The main features of this circle are as follows: 
  • built-in valve seat to protect against mud, stones and branches; 
  • very accentuated anti-slip profile to allow low inflation pressures; 
  • very lightweight AS7 alloy construction, with thermal treatment T6 compliant with FIA T1 and T2 regulations; 
  • internal hub profile designed to leave large space for large brakes; 
  • steel centering bushes; 
  • triple layer of polyester powder paint.
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