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Pair of front shock absorbers +6 cm Mercedes class G

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Pair of front reinforced shock absorbers +6 cm for Mercedes class G.

The HM4X4 shock absorbers are 100% Made in Italy. Constructed with internally ground steel tubes for mechanical use, with an external diameter of 52mm and a thickness of 3mm to withstand shocks and guarantee the absence of twisting.

Subjected to electrolytic zinc plating with an iridescent white finish and subsequent passivation with trivalent chromium with surface hardness 80 HV, the steel rod diam. 20mm is coated in CrVI free hard chromium with tolerance according to EN ISO 286-2.

The polyurethane bushings, very resistant to deformation and wear, are molded with 80 shore thermoplastic polyurethane specific for automotive use, resistant to grease, oil and fuel.

Internal sintered components for maximum wear-free calibration control.

Inside the shock absorber there is a first internal limit switch in extension resistant up to 5000kg and a second polyurethane limit switch that slows down the last 10mm of travel to avoid excessive stress six supports to the frame, can be used as a travel limit for the bridge .

ROTHEN oil with a high viscosity index is used which guarantees the maintenance of the calibration up to 200 ° C, therefore these shock absorbers are also suitable for heavy use and raids in the desert.

They can be recalibrated and revised in all their parts, in the first year after purchase the recalibration, upon your request, is carried out free of charge in order to adapt the shock absorber to the use you make of the vehicle.

Subsequently, the revision of the HM4X4 shock absorber is guaranteed at a cost of 50 euros each.

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