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Lift kit Suzuki Grand Vitara from 2006 +2" step 2

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Suzuki Grand Vitara lift kit from 2006 + 5cm, designed for those who need a trim with high off-road mobility and do not want to give up on road comfort.

The springs included in the kit are of the progressive type with variable pitch.
A variable pitch spring during compression stiffens progressively, thus obtaining an extremely soft, comfortable set-up capable of copying the terrain off-road, without losing stability on the road.

The shock absorbers of our production are entirely made with Made in Italy material. They have a 50mm body and 16mm stem, are of the double-tube type with internal return stop on rubber resistant up to 5000kg, they can be revised and re-calibrated according to your needs.

Shock Shims are CNC laser cut, assembled and welded by a Fanuc robotic welder for uniform welds, and finally galvanized and black powder coated for corrosion protection.

The camber adjustment kit consists of a pair of eccentric bolts made from solid to restore the correct camber angle of the front arms Suzuki Grand Vitara from 2006; the correction is necessary after the installation of any riser.

Suzuki Grand Vitara Step2 trim consists of the following accessories:

  • 2 rear springs kit with variable pitch made in Italy;
  • pair of reinforced rear shock absorbers;
  • shock absorber thicknesses
  • camber adjustment kit
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