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3" round led spotlight

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led spotlight

3" round led spotlight from the Optimus series by Vision X.

The Vision X Optimus Halo Series features an extremely bright LED ring around the outer edge of the IRIS reflector. Thanks to a separate cable, the spotlight can be used as a daytime running light, an additional indicator or anything else you can imagine.

One of its best features is the ability to be used in anti-fog lighting applications. Vision X offers several upgrade kits for vehicles such as the Jeep JK, Ford Raptor and Dodge Ram that all use Optimus spotlights.

Featuring long-range IRIS Reflector technology, this 3.0″ spotlight emits up to 883 meters of usable light and produces 1,052 lumens.


  • raw lumens: 1,052 lm
  • effective lumens: 736 lm
  • power: 10W
  • absorption (@12V): 0.83A
  • measures: 92X92X97 mm

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