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Adjustable front shock absorber turrets Defender

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These completely Made in Italy front turrets are adjustable in different heights from the raised position of 50mm to the 100mm lowered position, in order to find the right compromises between travel and compression for each set-up.

They are made of steel with a thickness of 6mm, welded with TIG technology, galvanized and painted with polyester powder particularly resistant to chemical and atmospheric agents, anti-scratch and anti-abrasion, metallic matt black color.

It will be possible to install shock absorbers longer than the original ones even with standard springs or shock absorbers with a longer length than the actual increase of the springs without losing compression or on the contrary it will be possible to install shorter shock absorbers of the spring without losing excursion, the different intermediate positions allow to find the just compromise between the two extreme positions!

Indispensable when you need to quickly change the ride range or when you need to replace the shock absorbers and do not know the actual height of the trim.
The turret is designed for the installation of original shock absorbers with the pin, it is also possible to install shock absorbers with eye connection but only 2 adjustments are possible: -15mm and -50mm.
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