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Pair of rear headlights Nas recessed Land Rover Defender

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The protections for Nas rear lights are made in Italy with 3mm thick steel, laser cut and bent with CNC machines for maximum precision and to achieve the enveloping effect, maintaining a limited bulk, are galvanized and powder coated with polyester color matt black metallised to withstand all weather conditions.

In addition to the refined aesthetics, which goes well with the Defender line, these very sturdy grilles protect the taillights without interfering with the brightness.

They have an irregular shape, mirroring between right and left and can be combined with each other at will obtaining a customized upgrade.

They can be installed on the cantonal covers of all manufacturers or directly on the bodywork, in this case envisaging the creation of holes to recess the lights.

They are equipped with stainless steel bolts, threaded rivets and self-locking nuts so that they can be installed in the simplest way both from a workshop with the specific tooling but also in the home garage.

On request it is possible to have them also in customized colors.

It is not possible to install them on the original plastic supports of the Defender but only by collecting the light.
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