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Air Shock 2.0" shock absorber - King

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King shocks 2.0" air shock

HM4X4 is an official King Shocks dealer and assistance center.

Each King Shock shock is 100% made in the USA to the strictest tolerances and the highest quality materials, and is individually calibrated and tested on the 10-speed dyno by HM4X4 before delivery to ensure perfect calibration right out of the box. usage.

The calibration of each shock absorber is stored so that you can always modify it in the future according to your needs, every calibration intervention, warranty repair or overhaul is carried out in Italy by the King certified technician with original oil and spare parts.

King Air shocks are available in lengths from 6 to 16 inches. They have a simple and resistant design with the possibility of adjusting height by changing the gas pressure.

They feature King's advanced sealing technology which offers superior performance regardless of usage conditions, they are commonly used in rock crawling competitions.


  • the Schrader cover with o-ring mounted directly on the cap, and not on the valve itself, keeps dirt and moisture out;
  • the shock absorber body is precision bored to within +/- .001, galvanized and polished to remove impurities and ensure a perfect piston seal and optimum valve operation;
  • the aircraft-grade aluminum components are machined from billet;
  • the piston is made of heat-treated 6061 aluminum alloy;
  • the valve shims, made of heat-treated stainless steel alloy, have a unique grain structure that does not break and remains stable at high temperatures to maintain consistent valve function;
  • the valve wear bands are made of a unique bronze/Teflon composite that lasts longer than any other commercially available material;
  • 1-1/4" or 1-5/8" large diameter stems have a minimum tensile strength of 75,000 pounds per square inch. They are chrome-plated and micro-polished with a 6 RA finish for longer seal life;
  • the steel ball bushings are Teflon coated for smooth articulation and long life without metal-to-metal contact.
From the menu above, select the shock absorber stroke you want from these listed below:
  • stroke 6" - length in compression 14.18" - length in rebound 20.18"
  • stroke 8" - length in compression 16.18" - length in rebound 24.18"
  • stroke 10" - length in compression 18.18" - length in extension 28.18"
  • stroke 12" - length in compression 20.68" - length in extension 32.68"
  • stroke 14" - length in compression 22.68" - length in rebound 36.68"
  • stroke 16" - length in compression 24.68" - length in extension 40.68"
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