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Reinforced steering bars Suzuki Jimny from 2018 right hand drive

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Reinforced steering rods for Suzuki Jimny from 2018, right hand drive.

These reinforced steering bars are built in Italy and fully galvanized.

Includes new high quality forged 16MnCr5 steel heads. In the reinforced steering bars for Suzuki Jimny 2018 the fixing of the heads in the correct position takes place by means of special locking grains after having adjusted the bar thanks to the supplied nuts. By blocking the heads to the bars we will obtain greater security.

These steering bars, in addition to strengthening the steering linkage and making it suitable for very demanding uses, help to eliminate the annoying vibrations that grip the Suzuki Jimny.

Polyester powder coating is a purely aesthetic finish which in some cases may not be applied.

They have a diameter of 30mm and can be installed on Suzuki Jimny from 2018.
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