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Jeep JK rear sway bar disconnect and retraction mounting kit

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Jeep Wrangler sway bar disconnect

With HM4X4's 100% Made in Italy Jeep Jk rear sway bar disconnect and retraction kit, you will dramatically increase off-road performance. This kit allows greater flexibility of the rear axle and greater grip on the ground in any situation.

In addition to lowering the sway bar, the kit allows you to mount it in both standard and rearward positions. Repositioning the sway bar translates on the road to a reduction in roll without stiffening the rear axle setup.

Off-road, the bar can be disconnected easily, thanks to a quick-release pin, so that the full rear axle travel is used.

In the kit are the two brackets to be welded to the original sway bar, the modification once made is irreversible.

The brackets made of Ergal, feature two brackets for repositioning the rear brake lines.

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