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HD shaft a double joint front Jeep Wrangler JK

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Heavy Duty front drive shaft, double joint, for Jeep Wrangler JK Rubicon petrol short wheelbase produced in Italy by a specialized company, exclusively for HM4X4.

The shaft we propose has oversized cruises SAE 65 4X12 - DIN 99 8X8, and is suitable for heavy use.
This particular shaft, designed to eliminate any vibration and any danger of breaking, is built by making the following improvements to the standard shafts:

  • sliding joint with grease nipple, of increased diameter and length, this allows greater extraction;
  • ideal for raised structures, it avoids the insertion of extensions, eliminating any form of vibration;
  • oversized cruises, equipped with grease nipple, with a working angle of 10 ° higher than the original;
  • high quality forged flanges that allow an inclination of the crosses higher than the standard shafts, allowing them to be used even with raised structures;
  • tube with an increased diameter, 60mm, carefully balanced to avoid any form of vibration;
  • sliding up to 10 cm, with metal protection keying with protective o-ring, allows to have a protection of the sliding from damage caused by stones, sand and the like and protects the sliding from dirt.
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