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Jeep JL/JT Heavy Duty Ball Joint Kits

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Jeep JL ball joint kits

Synergy's reinforced ball joint kits for Jeep Wrangler JL/JLU and Jeep Gladiator JT.

These ball joints use a metal-on-metal bearing design, as opposed to stock plastic and nylon, which allows for improved durability and performance.

A must for raised vehicles and/or vehicles with oversized tires to eliminate steering wobble and play caused by loose or worn ball joints.

  • compatible with all aftermarket driveshafts without modification;
  • fully greasable metal-on-metal design for extended life;
  • ball joint bearing surface area is significantly larger than stock due to the elimination of the nylon inner liner for longer joint life;
  • the ball joint bearing race is made of sintered graphite and oil-impregnated bronze for a durable and smooth bearing surface;
  • the ball joint housing is made of 1045 high carbon alloy steel for a strong and smooth bearing surface;
  • the ball joint pivot is made of 4140 Chromoly induction heat-treated steel for maximum strength and reliability;
  • the ball joint dust covers are made of black industrial-grade nitro-butyl rubber (NBR), resistant to wear and tear.


Metal on metal ball joints require a small break-in period of typically 100-500 miles to fully "seat" the bearing surfaces. During this time the steering may feel "sticky" or slow to "return to center". Once broken in, the steering will be smooth and tight.

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