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Lift kit +2,5" Jeep JT Gladiator Step 3

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Jeep Gladiator lift kit

This lift kit for Jeep JT Gladiatormade in Italy, raises your off-road vehicle by 2,5" more than the original lift kit. 

It is ideal for those who want to raise a completely original vehicle or for those who want to improve an existing set-up with high quality components, improving comfort in daily use and mobility in off-road use, without sacrificing stability and safety in use on the highway.

Is composed by:
  • 4 Made in Italy monotube shock absorbers;
  • 4 Made in Italy springs specific for your vehicle;
  • 8 control arms;
  • 2 sway bar;
  • 1 pair of front modular bump stop;
  • 1 pair of rear modular bump stop;
  • 1 pair of front elongated and reinforced sway bar link;
  • 1 pair of elongated and reinforced rear sway bar link;
  • 1 pair of front aeronautical braided brake hoses;
  • 1 pair of extended rear aeronautical braided brake hoses.

All items are produced in Italy in the HM4X4 production plant.

The shock absorbers included in the kit are monotube type, completely overhauled in every part and re-calibrated according to your needs, the shock absorbers photographed in the kit are with separate tank, those without tank are identical but without the tank.

From the menu above you can choose whether to purchase the lift kit with shock absorbers with separate reservoir with double compression adjustment, or without a separate reservoir with fixed calibration but which can still be re-calibrated if necessary.

The first recalibration, within one year of purchase, is free!

The shock absorbers have the following characteristics:
  • Ergal head machined from solid;
  • professional grade silicone valve for pressurization;
  • internally ground mechanical steel tube, with an external diameter of 52mm and a thickness of 3mm to resist shocks and guarantee the absence of twisting;
  • electrolytic zinc plating with iridescent white finish and subsequent trivalent chromium-based passivation with surface hardness 80 HV;
  • steel rod diam.20mm coated in CrVI free hard chrome with tolerance according to EN ISO 286-2;
  • polyurethane bushings highly resistant to deformation and wear, they are molded with 80 shore thermoplastic polyurethane specific for automotive use, resistant to grease, oil and fuel;
  • sintered internal components for maximum wear-free calibration control;
  • sealing band in graphited Teflon to improve the smoothness of the suspension;
  • double limit switch in polyurethane and steel to stop the extension stroke in a controlled way and not weigh on the bindings;
  • ROTHEN Fork oil with very high viscosity index (Viscosity DIN 51562 40 °C:13) specifically designed for off-road use which guarantees regular calibration up to 200 °C which is essential for intense use such as races or raids in the desert;
  • double adjustment of the rebound and compression calibration (double effect shock absorber), both at high and low speeds with translation reed valves;
  • linear piston with reed valve and adjustable double bypass for maximum comfort at low speeds;
  • high pressure pressurization with inert gas;
  • calibration on test bench at 10 speeds, from 5 to 500 m/s to have the perfect calibration in all conditions.
Only on shock absorbers with separate reservoirs:
  • Ergal tank with black hard anodization;
  • internal oil/gas separator in ergal with double seal;
  • valve with double adjustment of the compression setting (high and low speeds) with translation reed valves and preload spring;
  • pressurizable up to 20bar;
  • adjustments with screw and nut to avoid accidental tampering;
  • 58click adjustment for low speeds;
  • 26click adjustment for high speeds.
The HM4X4 shock absorbers can be re-calibrated and revised in each of their components, the revision of the shock absorbers is guaranteed at a cost of 50 euros each for the entire life of the shock absorber.

The springs included in the kit are built in Italy by a company certified by TÜV according to the UNI/ISO 9001:2015 standard. with high quality 52SiCrNi5 steel in compliance with the UNI EN 10089 standard. They are longer than the originals and have a soft calibration optimized to give maximum off-road performance but still perfectly suitable for road use, where possible the variable pitch structure is used.

Progressive springs differ from traditional ones because they have a variable pitch, i.e. the distance between the coils is not constant but varies along its length. A progressive spring allows you to insert more coils than a traditional spring resulting much softer, and at the same time allowing the spring to progressively harden thus obtaining an extremely soft, comfortable and capable of copying the terrain but very stable on the road. The stiffness of a spring with the same material and wire diameter is precisely given by the number of coils and their pitch.

The main off-road advantages of HM4X4 springs:
  • increased ability to copy terrain;
  • greater excursion for the same length compared to a traditional spring;
  • stability in lateral passages as it stiffens when crushed;
  • greater absorption of sudden obstacles, as by progressively stiffening it brakes a possible obstacle (boulders, roots, etc.) without reaching a buffer.
The main advantages of an HM4X4 spring on the road:
  • very stable on fast sections;
  • much more comfortable than a traditional spring thanks to the high number of coils;
  • minimizes body roll when cornering as it progressively stiffens when crushed.

We have chosen to supply the kit with elongated and reinforced sway bar link with a fixed length, exactly designed to guarantee the best performance in terms of stability and mobility without any need for adjustment by the installer which translates into time savings and a guarantee of perfect functioning!

The sway bar link are made of C45 steel, welded with T.I.G. technology. and milled in the points of possible collision with the frame and the brake caliper in order to guarantee maximum mobility without any interference, this has allowed us to build it with a very resistant structure, however avoiding the annoyances that oversized accessories usually create.

The joint is guaranteed by the conical polyurethane bushings, capable of jointing as much as a mechanical joint but with greater comfort and a more linear transmission of forces which makes the vehicle much more stable on the road.

The bump stop supplied with the kit are made of ergal with plastic buffers and are modular from 25mm to 75mm in order to adapt the trim to the tires that are installed on your vehicle. The recommended size is indicated in the detailed description of the limit switches based on tire height.

The kit includes 4 extended aeronautical braided brake hoses, we have chosen to supply the new brake hoses instead of the cheap relocators often supplied in the entry level kits as precision in braking control is very important in any situation, both in For daily use and in high-level competitions, the perfect perception of the pressure exerted and the consequent braking response give the necessary safety to face the most demanding tracks on the road and off-road.

These Made in Italy hoses are built with aeronautical PTFE braided hose covered in stainless steel braid with transparent anti-abrasion polyurethane protection with steel fittings, the assembly and leak tests are carried out in compliance with the SAE J 1401 standard.

Steel drill bolts and copper washers required for installation are included.

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