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Reinforced rear ring and pinion Jeep CJ

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Reinforced rear ring and pinion for Jeep CJ produced from 1972 to 1986.

Motive Gear, leader in the sector of transmission components for American vehicles and Ultra4 vehicles, produces, in the United States, this SAE8620 steel ring and pinion with the Gleason process.

Thermally hardened to resist wear, the bevel gear is surface treated with black oxidation to make it extremely silent.

The high construction precision makes the recording particularly simple, however it is still recommended to have the installation carried out by a specialized workshop. In the Download section you will find assembly instructions.

The main installation features are the following:

  • differential case design type: AMC 20
  • ring gear bolt quantity: 12
  • rotation type: standard

From the drop-down menu select the desired ring and pinion ratio.

Specification for 4.56 ratio:

  • pinion gear tooth 9
  • pinion spline 28
  • ring gear tooth 41

Specifications for 4.88 ratio:

  • pinion gear tooth 8
  • pinion spline 28
  • ring gear tooth 39


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