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Coil over 4x4

The coil over is a high-pressure pressurized monotube type, with separate tank with double compression adjustment by screw and ring nut, with 58click for low speed and 26click for high speed, completely Made in Italy, customizable in every part, from the drop-down menus you can select the parameters needed for your needs:

  • length: you can choose the desired length from those available off-the-shelf or choose a custom length;
  • eyelet size;
  • spring calibration: you can choose the calibration of each spring, you can contact us for advice on your choice;

HM4X4 Coilovers have the following features:

  • double internal adjustment of rebound and compression calibration (double-acting shock absorber), both at high and low speeds with shifting reed valves;
  • calibration on 10-speed test bench, from 5 to 500 m/s to have perfect calibration under all conditions
    internally ground mechanical steel threaded body with 52mm outer diameter and 3mm thickness to resist shock and ensure no twisting;
  • electrolytic galvanizing of the body with Iridescent White finish and trivalent chrome-based passivation with 80HV surface hardness;
  • 20mm diameter steel rod coated with CrVI free hard chrome with tolerance according to EN ISO 286-2.
  • hardened steel uniball with sliding on Teflon;
  • ergal 7075 billet machined heads;
  • ferrule and counter ferrule for soft spring stroke adjustment in billet 7075 ergal;
  • billet machined ergal 7075 spring holder ferrules and locknuts;
  • ergal surfaces hardened by hard anodizing;
  • sintered internal components for maximum control over calibration;
  • graphitized Teflon sealing band for improved suspension smoothness;
  • dual internal polyurethane and steel limit switches to stop rebound travel in a controlled manner and not burden the linkages;
  • external polyurethane compression limit switch;
  • surface-hardened Ergal 7075 linear piston;
  • ROTHEN Fork oil with very high viscosity index (Viscosity DIN 51562 40°C:13) specially designed for off-road use that ensures smooth calibration up to 200°C essential for heavy use such as races or desert raids;
  • sliding sleeve for coupling the two springs made of plastic material reinforced with fiberglass and loaded with graphite for maximum smoothness.

Each coilover comes complete with a pair of springs with your choice of calibration, the length will be calculated in proportion to the shock stroke.
HM4X4 coil over springs are made in Italy from high quality 52SiCrNi5 steel in accordance with UNI EN 10089, by TÜV certified company according to UNI/ISO 9001:2015.

The internal diameter of the springs used is 64mm (2"1/2) and they are compatible with all 2" coilovers on the market (King 2.0" coilovers, Fox Factory race 2.0 coilovers, Profender 2.0 coilovers, etc.).

Our technical department is available for the correct choice of spring calibration and soft spring travel via dynamic simulation software, on the calibration of the two springs depends the static set-up of the setup, on the adjustment of the soft spring travel depends the dynamic operation.

Coil over HM4X4 coilovers are recalibrated and overhauled in every component, the overhaul of HM4X4 coilovers is guaranteed at a cost of 50 euros each for the life of the shock absorber.

In the first year after purchase, recalibration, upon request, is carried out free of charge so as to adapt the shock absorbers to your use of the vehicle.

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