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Center axle kit Jeep Wrangler JL

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With this centering kit you convert the existing square hole on the DanaM210 ED M220 axles present on the Jeep JL, JLU, into a cylindrical hole and increase the contact surface between the bolt and the axle from 8mm to 18mm

They are built in Italy, in C45 steel machined from solid, milled and bored to the hundredth of a millimeter to prevent any vibration.

Centering the axles exactly and increasing the contact surface eliminates the annoying problem of the pins wearing out and the axles moving a few millimeters with each off-road driving, improving driving precision and extending the life of the strut silent blocks.

Decentralization of axles is often one of the causes of Death Whobble!

The kit includes the new 8.8 steel bolts with metric threads with self-locking nuts easily available in industrial hardware stores in case of wear.

Included in the kit is what is needed to convert the holes on the upper rear and lower front control arms mounts from square to round; on the other mounts, conversion is not needed.

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