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Canopy ADVENTURE Ford Ranger - ALU-CAB

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Canopy ADVENTURE Ford Ranger

Hard top for Ford Ranger by ALU-CAB. Available for vehicles manufactured since 2012 in double cab and extra cab versions, in smooth or tread finish.

Alu-Cab's Heavy Duty hard tops are unique on the market in many ways. They are made primarily of aluminum, which makes them extremely resistant to UV rays and corrosion. Despite the lightweight aluminum construction, they are strong enough to support considerable loads on the roof.

The canopy is equipped with C-shaped rails, making it easy to attach accessories. It also provides enough space for easy mounting of cross bars and roof racks.

What sets the Adventure canopy apart is its remarkable versatility. You can design the inner and outer attachments according to your own ideas. Thanks to cleverly placed T-rails, you can attach accessories quickly and easily. This gives you the freedom to customize your canopy to suit your needs.

A special feature of the Adventure hard top is the rear window, which is located in the center of the narrow hatch. Permanently integrated side panels provide additional space for attaching accessories such as ladders and similar equipment. This design allows the pickup to be equipped for various tasks and to stow cargo safely. It is the ideal combination of functionality and flexibility, perfect for both adventure and work.

Almost all models are mounted with vehicle-specific brackets. These are attached to standard holes in the platform or chassis. No holes need to be drilled in the vehicle for mounting.

Important features:
  • 2x full length side doors
  • 1x rear door
  • safety glass, with E approval, on the front side
  • aluminum profiles with integrated C-rails
  • 2x C-rails on the roof
  • LED interior lighting
  • roof can be walked on, non-slip chequer plate
  • aluminum alloy construction for superior strength-to-weight ratio
  • naturally UV and corrosion resistant: never rusts (even when scratched)
  • 100% recyclable
  • requires no drilling or assembly
  • includes integrated roof bars for mounting roof bars, roof racks, awning, solar panels or roof awning
  • flexible, waterproof center hinges: prevent rainwater from entering the canopy when the doors are open
  • tamper-proof locks for added security and peace of mind
Technical data:
  • weight: from 52 kg for Double Cab
  • 200 kg dynamic and 400 kg static roofload
  • material: aluminum

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