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Toyota 8 "reinforced 5.38 rings and pinions set

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xceptional offer launch of the new 5.38 ratio for the Toyota 70 Series.

The offer includes:
  • 8" reinforced front ring and pinion set, low ring, reverse rotation for front differential
  • 8" reinforced rear  ring and pinion set, low ring, standard rotation for rear differential

The pinion, which has 27 spline, and the crown are machined from solid with CNC machines, with heat treatment of anti-wear, very silent, totally Italian production.

It should be noted that if there have been no changes or replacements of the axles, the front + rear combination with low ring can be fitted to a Toyota LJ70 when the vehicle is born with a 4.88 ratio. Conversely, the front + rear combination with a high crown is generally mounted in KZJ 70 or even 90

IMPORTANT. On request it is possible to have the rear ring and pinion set with a high ring ("thick crown") without any price variation.

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