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Reinforced support for Samurai Tcase installation on Jimny, with speedometer sensor

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This support produced entirely in Italy allows the installation of a Suzuki Samurai and SJ reducer all Suzuki Jimny both diesel and petrol, first and second series.

The gear reducer is fixed to the support in 11 points using further 3 central points so as to transfer the stress to the entire casing, the new longer bolts are supplied for the new fixings.

Our support, like all HM4x4 accessories, after being welded and sandblasted, is entire galvanized and subsequently powder coated in opaque black color.

The support is equipped with a non-breaking gear reducer support kit made entirely of stainless steel and 70shore polyurethane with a stainless steel pin.

This kit is produced in Italy directly by HM4x4 and is the only one to be entirely made of two noble materials such as polyurethane and stainless steel.

With this accessory you will eliminate forever the breakages and the annoying vibrations, even with heavy use of the vehicle.

The installation of a Samurai t-case is necessary first of all in order to install a wide range of super-smalls with the most suitable ratio for use but also to replace the original Jimny reducer, much more delicate and not suitable for heavy use.

We can also supply the kit with gearbox already 'overhauled and with super reduced installed (new and your choice!), New central shaft and transmission shafts with flanges already' prepared for modification, contact us for a custom quote!

It is made of welded C45 steel, galvanized and painted with epoxy powders, it can be installed easily and without modifications. It also includes electronic sensor support and phonic wheel machined from solid to install the original Suzuki Jimny odometer of any model without any modification, essential accessory also for the good functioning of all the sensors of the control unit and of the ABS.
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