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Steering shock Nissan Patrol Y61 3.0CC

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Steering damper with specific attachment with heads for Nissan Patrol Y61 3.0CC, suitable both for use in demanding competitions and for road use as it does not harden the steering. The shock absorber has a 50mm body and 16mm oversized stem.

This Nissan Y61 steering damper is a solution to the annoying vibrations arising from the steering linkage.

Revisable and adjustable according to your needs.

The steering damper is entirely designed and built in Italy by a leading company in the sector, subjected to electrolytic galvanizing with an iridescent white finish and subsequent trivalent chromium-based passivation with a surface hardness of 80 HV.

High quality Rothen hydraulic oil is used, resistant up to 200° C, which makes these shock absorbers also suitable for heavy use and desert raids, maintaining braking even in intense and prolonged use.
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