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Pair rear shock absorber 35'' Land Rover Defender

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Kit consisting of a pair of 35" eye/eye shock absorbers that can be installed on all Defender 90, 110 and 130.

Thanks to the study on "Maximum Active Surface", widely tested in the Italian XTC Championship, we were able to obtain a shock absorber with increased stroke while maintaining a very compact body (even shorter than the original shock absorber) using a piston and high quality valves with large diameter but low height.

Inside the shock absorber there is an internal return stop resistant up to 5000kg and an air chamber useful to absorb oil volume variations making it suitable also for very intense uses.

ROTHEN oil is used, resistant up to 200° C, so these shock absorbers are also suitable for heavy use and raids in the desert. They are calibrated in compression as the originals to promote comfort, but braked in extension to reduce the hopping of the vehicle. This calibration is designed to best adapt to the Italian off-road vehicle and is compatible with any type of set-up, in the order phase it can be chosen in any case the desired one without a surcharge.

The maximum length measured between the centers of the two eyelets is 35"or 90cm, this particular damper can be installed both on the front and rear of the Defender with the appropriate adapters.

The installation of these shock absorbers makes sense only if the rest of the suspension has already been improved and requires a pair of raised front turrets and a pair of raised rear shock absorbers.

They have a body of 60mm and stem of 20mm, they are of the double pipe type with internal stop of return on rubber resistant up to 5000kg, usable also as limit of excursion for the bridge, they are revisable and re-calibrated according to your needs.

The shock absorber proposed by us, entirely designed and built in Italy by a leading company in the sector, in addition to being painted with epoxy powders, is previously phosphated to prevent corrosion, so it is not affected by atmospheric agents and is not stripped.

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