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Mitsubishi Pajero V20 reinforced front shock absorbers +2"

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Pair of reinforced front shock absorbers +2" for Mitsubishi Pajero V20

The HM4X4 shock absorbers are 100% Made in Italy. Constructed with internally lapped steel tubes for mechanical uses, as well as being painted with epoxy powders, they are previously phosphated to prevent corrosion and more generally to resist wear from atmospheric agents.

The bushings are made of polyurethane, very resistant to deformation and wear. All components are sintered for maximum calibration control and the seals are in graphite Teflon to improve smoothness and silence.

They are calibrated in compression like the originals to promote comfort, but more braked in rebound to reduce the hopping of the vehicle. This calibration is designed to best adapt to the Italian off-road vehicle and is compatible with any type of set-up, however the desired one can be chosen at no extra cost when ordering.

They can be recalibrated and overhauled in all their parts, in the first year after purchase the recalibration, upon your request, is carried out free of charge in order to adapt the shock absorber to the use you make of the vehicle.

Inside the shock absorber there is a first internal limit switch in extension resistant up to 5000kg and a second polyurethane limit switch that slows down the last 10mm of stroke to avoid excessive stress six supports to the frame, can be used as a travel limit for the bridge .

ROTHEN oil with a high viscosity index is used which guarantees the maintenance of the calibration up to 200° C, therefore these Suzuki Samurai and Sj shock absorbers are also suitable for heavy use and raids in the desert.

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