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Rear axle assembly fit Jeep Wrangler Tj with track lok or air locker - Dana Spicer original

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Rear axle assembly fit Jeep Wrangler Tj, 2003 - 2006, with trac-lok or air locker.

Dana Spicer rear axles have been designed to be a direct replacement for your vehicle. These axle shafts are induction heat-treated with cold-formed splines to eliminate the need for machining which increases their strength.


  • brand Spicer
  • axle model DANA 44
  • material: steel
  • axle cover bolt hole qty 10
  • ABS: non ABS
  • spline count 30
  • right axle shaft lenght 29.94"
  • left axle shaft lenght 29.21"
  • design: semi-floating

The kit includes:

  • axle
  • wheel studs
  • oil seal
  • wheel bearing
  • oil seal retainer

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In a semi-float design, the drive shaft in addition to being responsible for the transmission is constrained to the wheel, carries the weight of the vehicle and suffers by definition more stress.
As can be seen from the image, in the semi-float the axle shaft flange acts as an attachment for the wheel, as well as transmitting, while in the Full-Float the axle shaft does not carry weight but only transmits; this is thanks to the hub which is made up of a system of double bearings which keep the axle shaft in place on the wheel side and on which all stresses not related to the transmission are discharged.

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